The Floortime Manual™ Online & Print

The Floortime Manual™ Online & Print

Become a Floortimer with The Floortime Manual

The Floortime Manual Online is interactive and online 24/7. Short video segments of Floortime sessions identify the main steps. You can check your understanding through Practice evaluations of the video sessions. Audio clips by Dr. Greenspan further explain the techniques and offer insights for doing Floortime with children who are avoidant, aimless, revved up, rigid, aggressive, passive, self-stimulatory, repetitive, or inattentive. Clear directions help you organize a Floortime session. It takes about 2 hours to go through one type of play. You also can go through the two other types of play, find out what to do for difficult behaviors, and check out the resources. Your knowledge will let you decide how best to provide what a child needs.

The Floortime Manual Print shows you that Greenspan Floortime is not one-size fits all. A child's developmental profile shapes the sessions. Each one is as unique as the child. So you need to know if a child is sensitive, sensory seeking, or under-reactive/passive. You need to know what type of play the child engages with--sensory, object, symbolic or some of each. The Floortime Manual Print explains what all this means for your child.

The Floortime Manual from The Floortime Center on Vimeo.



The Floortime Manual - Online

The Floortime Manual - Print

Interactive guide to Greenspan Floortime   Detailed system for implementing Greenspan Floortime
Video demonstration of basic steps to Greenspan Floortime In-depth descriptions of different Sensory Profiles of children
Video examples of three types of play In-depth descriptions of the three types of play
Examples of specific Greenspan Floortime techniques Different Greenspan Floortime Techniques based on Sensory Profile
  Examples of Different types of activities when different techniques are to be used
Audio tapes with Dr. Greenspan’s explanations  
Practice evaluations of Greenspan Floortime sessions  
Instructions for setting up a Greenspan Floortime session  
Extensive troubleshooting section for children’s problems in session. Greenspan Floortime Cheat Sheet - Principles to always remember
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